SES4U University Preparation
Earth and Space Science

Course Summary

Subject Area Subject: Science

Grade 12


1 Credit

6 Units, 36 learning activities

This course develops students’ understanding of Earth and its place in the universe. Students will investigate the properties of and forces in the universe and solar system and analyse techniques scientists use to generate knowledge about them. Students will closely examine the materials of Earth, its internal and surficial processes, and its geological history, and will learn how Earth’s systems interact and how they have changed over time. Throughout the course, students will learn how these forces, processes, and materials affect their daily lives. The course draws on biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics in its consideration of geological and astronomical processes that can be observed directly or inferred from other evidence.

Course outline

Learning Activity 1 The Big Bang

Learning Activity 2 Electromagnetic radiation

Learning Activity 3 Classifying and measuring stars

Learning Activity 4 Stellar evolution


Learning Activity 5 Measurement in astronomy

Learning Activity 6 Science behind technology of the Universe

Learning Activity 7 Unit 1 Evaluation