SNC4E Workplace Preparation

Course Summary

Subject Area Subject: Science

Grade 12

Grade 10 Science, Applied, or a Grade 10 locally developed compulsory credit (LDCC) course in science

1 Credit

4 Units, 24 learning activities

This course provides students with fundamental science knowledge and workplace skills needed to prepare them for success beyond secondary school. Students will explore hazards in the workplace, chemicals in consumer products, disease and its prevention, electricity at home and at work, and nutritional science. Emphasis is placed on current topics in science and relevant, practical activities that develop students’ literacy and mathematical literacy skills and enhance their scientific literacy.

Course outline

Learning Activity 1 Preparing for the culminating activity Digital career magazine

Learning Activity 2 Becoming aware of hazards in the workplace

Learning Activity 3 The properties of chemicals

Learning Activity 4 The reactions of chemicals

Learning Activity 5 Creating consumer products

Learning Activity 6 Handling, safe use and disposal of chemicals

Learning Activity 7 Chemical hazards in the workplace