TOJ4C College Preparation
Child Development and Gerontology

Course Summary

Subject Area Subject: Technological Education

Grade 12

Prerequisites: None

1 Credit

4 Units, 20 learning activities

This course enables students to examine the stages of child development and the aging process. Students will study the processes of disease and factors contributing to health and well-being in early and later life, and will develop skills required to meet the needs of children and older adults (care skills). Students will also learn about legislation governing the care of children and older adults; evaluate social and recreational activities, programs, and services for improving quality of life; and develop an awareness of health and safety issues, environmental and social issues, and career opportunities related to child care and gerontology.

Course outline

Learning Activity 1 Child development theories


Learning Activity 2 Child safety and you

Learning Activity 3 Children and lifelong healthy habits

Learning Activity 4 Community health programs

Learning Activity 5 Child welfare